About ME

Growing up, my television allotment was approximately one hour per day. This forced me to get off my butt and find a hobby.  (Thanks Mom!)  I quickly learned that the focus and flow of painting, drawing or creating anything with my hands made me WAY happier than back to back episodes of Saved by the Bell, Darkwing Duck or Animaniacs.  

Classically trained at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, i was drawn towards acrylics, charcoal and pencil as mediums and people as subjects.  I went through an obsessive pointalism phase, but settled into realism.  Capturing the person's character, personality, emotion is what drives me.  The eyes are where I spend the most time.

I've built my career in Human Resources, which can have it's creative limits.  I'm a full-time Mom as well to two gorgeous babies and wifey to a successful entrepreneur/ridiculous vocalist/handsome stud who lets me be who I am.  We are newer residents to the Georgia area and LOVE this place! 

Singers, actors, and artists who inspire us to dream, laugh and enjoy the journey live on through each of us - I recreate that appreciation through art.  Additionally, I enjoy recreating family portraits of important people in the lives of my friends and family. 

Life is too precious and short to spend your day doing things that don't make you happy.  Surround yourself with people and activities that make you a better person.  Painting, music and being with my family are what brings me joy.

Turn the TV off and enjoy!